Four Generations

We are a family owned company with four generations of farming heritage.  Our farms are located in the northern Sacramento valley of California.  We are proud of our sustainable and organic farming practices which allows us to offer only the highest quality walnuts and almonds.   

Mission Statement – We are a nut processing facility concentrating on bringing professionalism and quality to the market. We are a peanut free facility that specialize in butters, roasting, and packaging of almonds, walnuts, and other tree nuts. As California almond and walnut farmers, we understand the quality that the consumer deserves.  

Commitment to Sustainability – At Nutopia Foods we are committed to treating our earth to the best of our abilities.  Sustainable farming practices are at the core of our operation, where we focus on soil health, minimal water use, decreased pollution, lower pesticide use, and wellbeing of our employees.  We strive to leave a positive impact with everything we do. 

  • Almost 100% Solar Powered
  • Irrigation motors that use clean natural gas
  • Cover Crops to assist with soil health and nutrient breakdown
  • Soil microbes to help the soil thrive
  • Use of "soft" chemistries that target specific problems allowing our beneficial insects to flourish
  • Mating disruption technologies eliminating the use of many pesticides
  • Steam Pasteurization